World's First B2B Automated Omnichannel Sales Funnel Solution

Generate up to 10X more “ready-to-buy” leads on autopilot. With our robust Automated Omnicannel Sales Funnel, that targets, nurtures and builds a relationship based on the awareness stage of the lead.


It is a system that is built inside our client’s company. The omnichannel sales funnel (OSF) is designed in a way to find ideal prospects online by:


Integrating LinkedIn Sales navigator, Facebook group scraping and Google targeted scraping to generate initial lead list.


Then OSF enriches those leads with personalized data such as personal email, phone number, company insides, technology used by the company and personalization information (such as portfolio item, university, posts on social platforms, arrivals and so on) for future outreach.


After the enriched lead list is created, the next step in OSF is setting up the foundation for the outreach.

The system is integrated with clients LinkedIn account, Facebook account and email accounts to structure an outreach timeline.


The outreach is hyper personalized and is crafted in a seamless friendly flow that reaches out to the lead through a dynamic drip campaign.

That means that OSF outreach sends out personalized messages, emails and sms depending on the triggers.


The first message is a connection message on LinkedIn, IF the connection request is approved then the lead receives an email complementing the first message. IF he doesn’t approve the request he gets a Facebook message. Then he gets another LinkedIn message with a friendly open message, if he doesn’t respond he gets a message on Facebook and an email and so on.

The idea of OSF is to make a connection with the lead, build a relationship with open questions, discussions, sharing useful articles or some useful ebook, and so on. After the relationship builds the lead is led to the next step in the funnel.

The next step is sending the lead to a qualification page. This page is build in a way to identify the awareness stage of the lead there are 4 stages of awareness:


The first is a lead that knows that he needs a solution to his pain point and is looking for a specific vendor.


The second is a lead that knows that there is a pain point and is searching for a solution.


The third is a lead that knows about the pain point but is not looking for a solution because he doesn’t know where to look.


The fourth is a lead that doesn’t know he needs a solution and that he has a problem to solve.

Also, we find out what the lead is looking for. What service, what is his budget, when does he need it, and so on. The goal we are trying to achieve is to identify the awareness stage, the needs, and gather as much data as possible on the lead.

Depending on the awareness stage and the needs the lead is sent to a different lead journey funnel.


The first awareness stage and qualified leads are sent to the next stage which is setting a meeting between our client and the lead.

Our client receives all gathered data on the lead and recommendations on the sales strategy for this lead.

The second awareness stage lead is sent to a funnel where we show him why our client’s solution is best for him and he gets the case studies, success stories, and so on, to move him to the first stage of awareness.

The third awareness stage leads are sent to an educational funnel where the lead is taught on the different solutions and strategies that can help the lead to acknowledge the problem and get a road map to a solution.

The fourth awareness stage leads are sent to a discovery funnel which presents them with general understanding of the pain they have. Articles, webinars and more, helps us show the lead that he has a problem that he needs to solve it and we move him up the awareness stage ladder to convert him when he is ready.



We can build an email list of subscribers and convert them over time. We see extra 30% retention rate from the email funnel (not cold email)


Also we recommend adding Facebook retargeting campaign for each awareness stage for more impact. We see 2x more sales from retargeting campaigns.


Nowadays the end customers are spoiled with ads. Especially the leads our clients to try to reach, they get hundreds of unsolicited emails and dozens of LinkedIn connections with offers daily!

And also 90% of businesses are using a gorilla sale approach. However, it not only destroys your brand credibility but is not effective.

It is equivalent to making a proposal to every girl walking by on the streets. What are the chances she will say Yes?

So OSF changes the lead generation game. We build relationships, nurture, and educate our leads making our clients trustworthy and a realizable authority in the minds of leads.

To stand out in 2020 you have to go the extra mile and be smarter and more strategic on your customer acquisition strategy.

The problem is that doing it all by yourself takes so much time and management. Testing and tracking the responses, open rates, CRM and many other data. And of course, automating it can be impossible without the right strategy and tools.

At Richberk we have designed and built the world’s first Omnichannel Sales Funnel that automates the outreach by awareness stages and creates powerful personalized funnel flows for each lead.


If you love numbers here are some stats for you:


Friend request approval rate: 87%

Outreach response rate: 96%


Open rate: 89%

Reply rate: 70%

Link Click through rate: 45%

Appointment rate: 23%


Connection acceptance rate: 85%

Outreach response rate: 60%

Funnel Click through rate: 37%


Our end result is delivering a number of "ready-to-buy" leads. What to expect?

The results vary depending on our clients:
  • Location
  • Company size
  • Portfolio quality
  • Online presence (social media accounts, the quality of the website, backlinks, articles and so on)
  • Onbording process
  • Engagement and commitment to OSF  program. (Will you implement our framework, will you make necessary changes that we recommend, how fast will your team be, the connection and much more)


Location: India

Company size: 200+

Portfolio: 6 out of 10

Online presence: poor

Onboarding process: flexible

Engagement: 8 out of 10

Results: 10-30 leads weekly.



Location: US

Company size: 20

Portfolio: 8 out of 10

Online presence: average

Onboarding process: strict

Engagement: 7 out of 10

Results: 30-50 leads weekly



Location: Netherlands

Company size: 70+

Portfolio: 10 out of 10

Online presence: Great

Onboarding process: friendly

Engagement: 9 out of 10

Results: 60-80 leads weekly


Now that you have a slight understanding of the results, let’s discuss the closing rate.

It is important to understand that each company has different closing rates and they also vary on many factors.

The ticket size and complexity of the project are the main two.

A simple WordPress website design and from scratch AI CRM system will be different. So obviously the lower the ticket size of the service the higher the conversion.

In rough average we see that:

Low ticket services get closed with 10-17% closing rate

Mid-sized ticket services get closed with a 5-7% closing rate.

With high ticket services, we see more diversity. If the company has previous case studies and authority then it is 2-5 times higher. So if we take a company with low authority and bad case studies then it is 0,3-0,7% and with a high metrics company, it will go up to 3% closing rate.

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The timeline

Building OSF for our client takes time. There are stages we have to through and warm up the account and email for the outreach, set up the funnels and create the content.

First month is focused on setting up the foundation.

  • account warm up
  • Email warm up
  • Funnel content
  • Outreach copy
  • Fixing gaps in clients online presents
  • Tech integration
  • Paper work.

Second month is filling the funnel with leads. During the second month we begin to see results rise. But the relationship building and nurturing is not quick, it takes around 2 months to convert a lead from second stage of awareness, 3 months for the third stage of awareness and up to 6-8 months for the fours that stage of awareness.

Usually we get first ready-to-buy leads in the second month but the amount is around 20% of the Standart volume.

With each month the volume will increase and by forth month it will hit the Standart.

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    Sara Blankenship

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